Friends along the edge

There are a number of people on the periphery of my life. People I like well enough and who like me too. We dig our ways through the frenetic life styles most people find themselves in at this point in history, technology and the fast pace at which we sweep through one year after another to pencil luncheon or dinner dates on our calendars. For the most part these friends and relatives have their own families and activities with their family members as well as an assortment of other friends, social groups or organizations. Some of them I see across a table about once a month to catch up on each others’ lives. Others live further away and only communicate by phone or social media.

There are also people I only see at Zumba, even though I really like them and always enjoy their company in the group, I do not find them elsewhere in my life. The people I work with are in that same category. Some of them I have been acquainted with for ten full years and we are still only work friends.

At Saints Peter and Paul church I met one young lady when I first joined the parish almost thirteen years ago and while we always enjoy seeing each other at church, that is the only place I’ve ever seen her.

Through my involvement in the Austin International Poetry Festival and the local writing group at Word Lovers Retreat, I’m acquainted with a couple dozen more folks, some of whom I am friends with on Facebook and there is occasional personal communication or I see them at workshops or writing festivals.

I’ve participated in the Cleveland Ufology Project for over twenty years and in the last year one member has become a friend to do things with and go places with now and then, which has been great.

All of these individuals enrich my life and I value their friendships even though the relationships only exist around the rest of their busy lives.


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