The day after Thanksgiving

Initially the forecast for the day after Thanksgiving included a little snow. As Thursday faded into Friday the day seemed clear enough and the last weather report I heard was that there would not be more than an inch of snow, so I started the day aiming to accept the invitation to my cousin Ray and his wife, Elaine’s home out in Columbia Station, which is an hour and a half drive from my home.

I was quite pleased to find that the roads were dry and clear and even though there was some traffic for the Black Friday shoppers heading to the big Mall in Strongsville, it wasn’t too dense. I actually arrived a little early and in minutes was mingling with members of Elaine’s family while the chatter and laughter and the aroma of good food filled the kitchen.

All too soon the evening wore down and the younger folks left for work or going back to College and the senior set was either snoozing in front of the television or organizing a card game. There was a little snow coming down and that was my cue to bid all a good night and be on my way home, thankful for many things especially an opportunity to participate in another family event.


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