Thanksgiving Dinner

Maryann lit a small candle on the dinner table to remind us that her mom was not with us for this, our first holiday dinner since she passed into the next dimension.

Instead of struggling with the turkey at the table, she sliced all the meat and kept it warm in the oven until everything else was done. Soon the table was set with holiday finery and plenty of good food. Maryann’s two grown children, Becky and Mark and their dad were there and I, the stray cousin, arrived with the white zinfandel just as they were about to sit and start the meal. We needed to let the good repast settle before we could top it off with coffee and pie.

Becky brought a Robin Williams’ movie, Merry Friggin’ Christmas, which was made in 2014 and got us all laughing. We followed that with the dessert and watched the evening news. When they said the Lake Effect snow had begun, I felt the need to say good night and get on the road to home.

Although there was enough traffic, some of the snowless stretches of road were icy so it was with relief and gratitude that I arrived safely home.


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