Let’s not rush things


This past week my neighborhood looked like a nostalgic Christmas card with houses topped and surrounded by unseasonably early mounds of snow, windows glowing with warmth and indoor lighting, wisps of smoke curling up from chimneys.

The local stores announcing that Black Friday would begin Monday next week and the bargains would be available to the wise shoppers all week. No need to rise at four a.m. to beat the neighbors to the best deals. Last year some stores even stayed open on Thanksgiving Day imagining they would lure the spenders before Black Friday.

There were houses with Christmas lights strung out mid-November, and in years gone by, they did that when weather permitted, but did not turn the lights on until after Thanksgiving, but in the last couple of years, people are actually turning the lights on way before we get through Thanksgiving.   This week I felt no warm fuzzy holiday feelings when the radio in my car sang out Christmas music. For me this is simply too early. I like to savor all the traditions and flavors of each holiday. The weekend after Thanksgiving Day is soon enough to turn on Christmas decorations and lights and start playing the music of the season.

I enjoy the holiday atmosphere too, but would rather dally, letting it all wrap up as the Magi leave Bethlehem, camels heading into the horizons.


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