Bird Convention

There always seems to be one specific tree on a street that the birds choose for their conventions.   I have seen them sitting on branches and twigs, the fluffy feathered balls chirping away, it seems all at once, voicing their opinions or complaints simultaneously, no matter that the bird next to one speaker was trying to outdo another, it reminded me of some of our family gatherings where it seems that everyone is talking at once and one wonders if anyone is listening.

The host tree is so full of the little singers that it doesn’t seem that one more could squeeze in.   How do they select the tree for these gatherings in which it looks and sounds as if every bird in the neighborhood is in attendance. Perhaps the tree has an abundance of their favorite snacks, but none seem to be doing other than chirping.

As suddenly as it began the cacophony has quieted and they all vacate the tree heading back to their homes for the evening. Only the skittering of dried leaves blown by the wind or the passing of a car breaks the silence.


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