Ambushed by winter’s early arrival

Winter arrived in full force, a little earlier than last year, and we thought mid-December was early last year. We watched the news as folks in Minnesota shoveled out of their deluge a week earlier as the arctic blast crossed the northern states. We scurried about our errands hoping to squeeze in all the events on our agendas and for the most part we managed to accomplish things on our lists and breathed a sigh of relief as we checked them off, but alas, we could not out ride the winds from the west as they hit us with several inches of snow, causing chaos on the highways, as usual.


creeping through the clothing

to chill the skin.

Arthritic hands grapple to grasp

the tools of daily life.

While the heat dissipates through the room

the warmth of a lap blanket eases the knees,

pockets of cold air wrap around the ankles.

Outside my father’s window

The chickadees were chirping –

a fluff of feathers going round

as a squabbling pair emerged.

Which would win the perch within

the confines of the fir to stay the night

from winter’s wind and flurries flying?

Winter Sky

Purple grey clouds reflected in a purple grey lake –

a gaggle of Canada geese land softly nearby.

From a distance, their muted calls hint at their


Fine black pen line branches of tree skeletons are

etched against the far off clouds.

A glint of soft orange light is the only warmth nature

offers on a clear winter morning.


Every twig appeared to be candy coated,

iced branches groan and creak

as the wind whistles through their barren boughs.

A frenzy of flurries coats the pine needles like

powdered sugar.

Whirling and whooshing, the flakes

come from every direction, quickly blanket

unprotected surfaces.

The dreamer, lost in memories of gales gone by,

stares through the transparencies of time.


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