Keep on dancing, Arthur!


Before our Zumba session started this evening, Glenda, our instructor, asked if any of us remembered Arthur and I waived my arm saying I certainly remembered him. He was a vivacious fellow in his mid-eighties who loved to flirt and dance with the Hispanic looking ladies in our Zumba class over at Estabrook Recreation Center . And he was good!! Not only was he a good dancer in general to the Latin beat, but he was also good at Zumba. Sometimes when the pace got too fast for him he would just shout out, ZUMBA! At first he was a little irritating but then I got accustomed to him and after his wife passed on, about two years ago, he was a less frequent participant. Once he came with his daughter and granddaughter to Glenda’s class and then I had not seen him for so long I had to ask on Facebook in our Zumba group if anyone had seen or heard anything about him in the last year or so. There were no responses till this evening with Glenda’s question. She and her friend, Nana, also our former instructor had gone to see him a few months earlier, a timely visit, as he recently passed on.

When Glenda mentioned his age, both Barbara and Bernadette, friends in the class, gave me the eye and said, no excuses for me to not continue. Okay, good.


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