All Hallows Eve

The dry leaves skittered across the pavement as the hard wind cut a path up the hill across a well traveled street and on into the neighboring community. The no longer full moon clear this all hallows eve. Plastic pumpkins and ghosts dangling from skeletal tree branches dancing in the wind, lines of tiny orange lights glittering here and there.

I, burrowed deep in my study working at the keyboard, when hearing a  tapping at the door, rose cautiously and listening another moment until I heard it again, switched on the outdoor light. There standing in costume a tall and two shorter figures. Opening the door I studied the masked faces long enough to recognize three pairs of blue eyes and glanced at my wristwatch saying, “Well, my pets, you are a bit early for the annual coven of witches and warlocks meeting scheduled for midnight, as usual.” They eyed each other mischievously and shrugged. “However, if you enter this abode, I might conjure up a cauldron of coffee and there are some store bought cookies you might dip and munch until the arrival of the others.”

They followed me to the refractory table and sat while I slipped into the kitchen to brew a pot of java and pull some cookies out of a bag, serving  them on a small plate.


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