Women will run the country because men will be fighting the wars.

No American boots on the ground…so says our fearless leader, The President. However, his military specialists and high ranking officers, say otherwise. I am reminded of the thought my father expressed many years ago, that women would be running the country because all the men would be fighting wars.

I am also reminded of the deep foreboding I felt when it was announced back in 2003 that we would be going to war in Iraq.

03 March 2003

On this side of the globe, a rallying cry via e-mail to make the third day of the third month of this the third year of the new millennium a day of prayer to prevent the proposed war against Iraq, has been humming around the country electronically. The politicians talk on television about “postwar” Iraq but my heart is heavy with the dark specter of what war could mean if we start the fireworks over there.

The documentary about the “dirty bomb” was so depressing, I had to turn it off.

Camilla’s brother asked her how she was “Preparing for terror in the Washington, D.C. area” (she and their mom live in the family house which is within walking distance of National Cathedral) and she said, “Yes, it’s true.  There are missile launchers stationed at the Washington Monument and the Pentagon, that I have seen.  There are others, but I’m not sure where they are located.  One obvious thing is the sound of the fighter jets circling overhead at night.  They are so loud — they must be very low to the ground.  I have been awakened by the noise during the night at times.   After September 11, 2001 I remember them, but they seemed off in the distance and gave me a comforting feeling.  Now, they are so close that they frighten me sometimes.  I guess I will just have to get used to them.”

The war in Iraq lasted ten years and then we were supposed to be out of there – instead we got involved in Afghanistan and now the battle with ISIS which has become the new brutal enemy, is pulling us into Syria and there are signs on television saying LOSING IRAQ.

Women will be running the country because the young men and many young women too, will all be dead or seriously damaged from wars.


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