All in the name of progress…

From this                           via this    –  to a pile of sticks


Easter Island, according to Wikipedia, was inhabited by about 1200 CE and at that time had many species of trees, including 3 species of palm trees that grew up to 50 feet in height and were thought to be the tallest palm trees in the world. At its peak, the population of the island was about 15,000 in the early 1600s. The number declined to 2,000-3,000 by 1722 when Europeans arrived. Wikipedia goes on to say that the 21 species of trees, and the 6 species of land birds went extinct due “some combination of”over hunting, over harvesting, rats and climate change. The pictures I have seen of the place are very beautiful, but desolate looking and only seems to be covered with grass and no other vegetation.

When America was in its infancy as a country, there were trees in Appalachia measuring eight feet in diameter. Those trees were mercilessly cut down for the sake of progress and making money and their like has yet to regrow in those mountains.

Among the Dr. Seuss books that I bought for my children was The Lorax which tells the story of the lovely Truffula Tree and how it was cut to within one tree of extinction by a greedy, enterprising business creature.

In 2010 as I stood on the bridge over the Cuyahoga River taking pictures from Rockside Road of the flood water rushing over its banks through the business district in Valley View all I could think of is the need for more trees.

Greed, our almighty dollar seems to be greater motivation than the well-being of our planet. The fact that trees give us oxygen and they drink up excess rain water should be enough reason to take care of them. Instead we have the rampant destruction of trees, like the seven acres of land across from the Garfield Heights Post Office that was simply cleared of all trees, probably so the land would sell, but in the year or two since this massive loss, the for sale sign is still stuck in the ground there. The seven acres is now just an eyesore.

Yesterday when I drove into the parking lot behind the building where I work for Ameriprise Financial for a couple of hours twice a week, I was aghast to find that a swath of the stand of trees at the far end of the parking lot was cleared and the remains of those trees were a pile of logs at one end of the property. This is the second stretch of trees they cut down to expand the parking area. I have to ask, are they (the building owners) crazy or just stupid?


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