Like a well-oiled machine

In 2011 there were four documentary films on PBS hosted by Yul Kwon which I found to be very impressive; one in which the vast process of flying people around this country every day, was explained and shown graphically. The name of his series was America Revealed. His work can still be seen on You Tube.

I was amazed at what I saw thinking these are facts we know, but don’t think about from day to day, even though we are all a part of the picture.

I am reminded of those films and the large number of well-trained people doing jobs elbow to elbow with their fellow experts as doors open and close and people are processed as patients, customers, numbers in a dense maze, today when I finally had an appointment to get the ignition switch replaced on the 2007 Chevy Cobalt I bought from my Aunt Elizabeth last spring.

I had no sooner agreed to buy the car when a friend presented me with a newspaper article about the faulty ignition switch which caused the death of thirteen people. Shortly after taking ownership of the car and receiving the letter sent to Aunt Elizabeth by General Motors about the recall, I phoned a local Chevy dealer and was told to call back in a few weeks as the parts were not yet available. I did call back and my information was taken down and the order would be placed for the parts, which they thought would be there in six to eight weeks. I thought they might phone me when that happened, but they did not. I did receive a letter from General Motors thanking me for my patience. As life would have it, numerous other things kept me hopping in other directions, but when things settled down for a moment or two I called them again and was given an appointment to bring the car in to get the work done, at no cost to myself.

On the big day of my appointment I drove down Rockside Road to what I thought might be the correct place even though I could not find its address. A gentleman approached me as I got out of my car asking if this was that address, he said it was, then he asked if it was for the recall to which I said yes, then he kindly directed me to the garage door entrance to the repair shop. Once I got out of the car and walked into a reception area there was a long line of people at a counter type of desk, all with monitors and telephones and voluminous amounts of paperwork. I was waved down to the end of the row of people and was struck a how it reminded me of a similar office in the medical building at the Parma Hospital facilities.

The lady I talked with was friendly and she took my car key and when she returned she gave me the “Nickel Tour” of the building which housed a nail salon – but the lady in charge of it was off today – there was a very nice lunch room advertising a mouth-watering sandwich that I knew I’d better stay clear of, but where I was able to buy a bottle of water for a token I had been given at the desk.

There was a movie room where a film with Will Smith and the fellow who played the U.P.S. driver in a popular television program a few years back were interacting, but the volume was so low I could not hear it well enough to sit through, so I took my book, my bottle of water and sat at a table outside the lunch room.

There was the show room of new cars should I be considering a new car – I liked a red one, but went back to my reading.

Once the job was finished, a different young lady called me by my first name and led me back to the long desk where she gave me a receipt for the service and I signed off that it had been completed. They gave me two new keys for the vehicle and when I told her that my Aunt had given me about 4 extra keys for the car, none of which worked, she said they probably had not been programmed.

As I left the facility I spotted the first lady who helped me out in the yard on her cell phone. I waved goodbye to her and she stopped what she was doing and came up to me and gave me a great big hug. I hugged her back, saying, “Aren’t YOU the nice person!”

On top of all of that, my car had been washed and was bright and shiny.  What an unexpected happy feeling I got from that experience today.


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