What makes my blood pressure soar?

It is seven thirty a.m. and I have had about three hours of sleep this past night. I hope my blood pressure boiling over is not what is keeping me awake. When I arrived home from my day’s activities and looked through the junk mail last evening there was a huge doctor bill, which I found unnerving. The billing company sent the bill to a former insurance carrier instead of using my current information. That company returned the claim saying that coverage expired in 2008.

The office help for every health care provider of service requires proof of coverage and makes photo copies of all cards, driver’s license and Medicare cards front and back before a visit with a doctor is even a possibility. So how is it that a billing service sends an invoice off to the wrong insurance company without even bothering to send it to Medicare? Every conversation with any of these people starts with their question, what is your date of birth? So, they know how old I am, and most of the people in this country in this age bracket are on Medicare.

At two a.m. I took half of a Tylenol p.m. and slept for an hour and a half. Usually on nights when I’ve come home from a water exercise class as I did yesterday or a Zumba session, I sleep for three or four hours straight through. Even a short walk in the evening allows me to sleep better. But not last night.

Of course I will call the billing office in a few hours to ask how this mistake was made, but in the mean time I have lost the better part of a night’s sleep and will be drained for the rest of the day.


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