Sleeping Giant, no longer

Many years ago the United States of America was referred to as the sleeping giant. The wars in the Middle East have certainly awakened that giant and taken their terrible tolls in military and civilian lives on all sides. There are too many nasty little insects trying to suck American blood, or any blood as the current terrorist group now flaunting its ruthlessness, not only committing countless murders, but selecting unarmed victims from countries in the west and filming gruesome beheading of those innocent people for all the world to see.  Do they feed on humiliation of other countries? Are they trying to kill anyone who is not them, one by one? Do they think the sleeping giant will never rear up and sweep them into eternity?

Less vicious behavior would have been considered cause to declare war in previous generations, but now we tread more carefully on such declarations.   The general public is war weary and we have drained our national budget pouring finances and human power into efforts to buoy up failing societies, particularly, it seems, in those parts of the world which produce oil – the lifeblood of modern fast paced economies.

I fully believe the old saying that he who lives by the sword dies by the sword and what comes around, goes around, but I fear that in the face of the sleeping giant looking like a paper tiger, the shout from Secretary John Kerry, “We will follow you to the gates of hell!!” does not frighten the terrorists. They have lined up another candidate for their grisly deeds as they brazenly continue their heinous crimes against humanity.

It is frightening to know that hundreds of young recruits from the free countries have been lured into the traps of fighting alongside the insidious – it is so like Satan tempting and winning recruits into evil, leading to their own demise as well as that of others.

It is my fervent hope, that like the duck on the pond, serenely floating on the surface, we may appear cool and unmoved while under the water the duck’s feet are paddling like mad, that we too, are intelligently and bravely conceiving a method to halt that group of killers though I also pray that whatever terrible response the free world issues, it will not result in more horrific loss of life.


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