Risks of the Road

Driving east on Rockside Road earlier this week I was amazed to watch a car pull out of the driveway from Rockside Plaza, (on the westbound side of the street) shoot across both lanes and go over the cement median and down into the turn only lane in the eastbound side of the road, then jerk across two lanes to the far right lane, cross Brecksville road and pull into the fast food restaurant on the corner. I thought, please get some coffee and sober up. I kept an eye on my rear view mirror all the way down, and back up the hills of Rockside, but apparently they arrived at the desired destination.

A triple A driver who changed a flat tire for me once, said of the undersized “donut” tire the manufacturers now supply as a spare tire, “Don’t drive over 50 mph with this tire.” I think of that caveat whenever I see someone on the highway charging along at well over that suggested speed limit.   Yesterday I noticed a car ahead of me with one of those temporary tires on the rear driver’s side of the car as the tailpipe was bouncing on the road every hundred feet or so. Oh brother, I don’t want to be behind that car when the thing goes flying off after a good bump. I maneuvered around and soon that car was lost in the traffic ahead of me.

Before I ever carried a cell phone I was surprised to see a lady who must have realized she had at least one drink too many, and was driving very slowly, albeit with a bit of a weave, but the real indicator that she was not fully in control was that she was driving in the turn lane in the middle of Rockside Road for a few blocks and did stop for the red light in that lane up at Summit Office park. At that point I passed and went way ahead of her.

It only took one experience of driving with an open window behind someone who was smoking and flicking ashes from her cigarette out of her car window, which flew right into my car and onto me for me to make a rule not to follow a smoker too closely and certainly not with my window open.


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