Upon further review

From my perch on the examining table I watched the doctor as he keyed information into his laptop computer, asking me questions as he went along and considering my responses, looking from the faxed copies of my lab work to the laptop screen. I thought about a remark someone made to me over the weekend that when asked who on the staff was the best, the very best, the top doctor in the field of cardiology, the response was, “All of them are at least 98 percent, or they would not be here.” I definitely felt that I was in the presence of an expert and I felt confident that he was in that top shelf category.

When I become caught up in global concerns that appear to be overwhelming, my cousin Theresa reminds me that there are so many really highly trained and very smart people in this country that will sort through the information and propose the solutions. I breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that there are such people who are very interested and able to handle any crisis that arises. I do believe that, but sometimes I have to be reminded that even though I cannot help, there are plenty of brilliant minds at work on the problems.

His analysis was that the EKG that I had done in my doctor’s office a few days earlier, might be wrong and that it does not seem that I actually had a silent infarction. Just to be certain that there is no heart condition in progress I’ll be going back next week for a stress test and echo cardiogram. He does recommend a low dose of cholesterol medication, which I can give some thought to between now and then.


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