Summer is winding down

Summer is definitely winding down even though the temperatures have been in the eighties for most of August, brown leaves have scattered across my back lawn from the next door neighbor’s tree. I’ve gathered some and added them to the compost pot and put some into other pots where soil is just covering compost that needs to condense in the coming hot days and with the rain falls. The marigolds and zinnias in the other pots all look good. I’ve deadheaded them for next spring’s seeds a couple of times last week.

My cousin Maryann invited me to share Labor Day dinner with them today – her ex-husband, Joel and his youngest child, Lauren arrived after I did and Jerry and Deb and Becky all arrived about an hour later. It was an enjoyable and quiet afternoon, as usual. It was our first gathering without Aunt Elizabeth.

I walked for a short while this evening listening to the insects of the night chirping, and clicking or whatever they do to issue their sounds. The sky is too cloudy to see many stars, but the moon, a half full crescent is lovely. Labor Day is now behind us for another year and the sun set by eight p.m.


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