Culture and Cuisine

When asked what everybody knows about me, many years ago, my cousin Theresa answered without hesitation, “That she likes to eat!” Although I did not find this funny or flattering, I could hardly deny the truth of it. My girth alone would betray any objection I might voice. I do not stand alone in our family, as we were all raised by good cooks and in turn learned to feed our families and friends equally well.

When I wrote my family and friends news and views letters for twenty years, people always said that my letters made them hungry since I always talked about what we ate at parties and family gatherings. My cousin, Theresa recommended the book, Water for Chocolate because of all the recipes incorporated into the story. Eventually I did read and enjoy the book.

Another book which told a lovely story and included recipes was The Blue Jay’s Dance, by one of my many favorite writers, Louise Erdrich.

It will come as no surprise then, that I was very much intrigued by the movie, The 100 foot Journey. The family dynamics, subtle romance, flavored the story in the scenic French countryside where the not so friendly competition between two different cultures and cuisines in the beginning pulls the viewer through trials and tribulations to a happy ending.


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