Lunch at Cracker Barrel

Sitting on the bench in front of the Cracker Barrel restaurant with a long row of their rocking chairs lining the cement walkway, I noticed that this year there is a new addition to the traditional row of rockers:  a strong looking steel cable linking the chairs to a lock on the ground.  It is a sad commentary on our society since they have long had the furniture out there for guests to sit in and to buy if they felt so inclined. 

When Doris arrived we went inside and were ushered to a table where we soon ordered what has become “the usual” for us.  Baked Lemon Trout with 3 sides – a small sweet potato and I usually get corn and green beans while Doris prefers lima beans and sometimes apple sauce and sometimes another choice. At the end of this savory repast we ordered a blackberry cobbler to share in honor of her recent birthday. 

As usual we spent a couple of hours catching up on each other’s news and activities.  Doris and I have been friends since we were in the first grade together and her mother was our Blue Bird and then Camp Fire Girls leader and in time I was one of her bridesmaids.  We are never at a loss for conversation. 


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