Anything good on TV tonight? Not likely.

For the last full year the local PBS stations of channels 25 and 49 have been restricting their programs to re-runs and continuous pleas for more money. Between the re-runs were multiple cooking shows, war stories, biographies, and musical features of popular groups from the past and newer folks in the trade.

If a program was worth watching once, it may be worth watching a second time, but I draw the line after that and if it is a matter of watching a re-run for the third time or changing the channel or turning the set off I will check my options and turn it off if there is nothing else worth watching.

This past week and a half channel 49 has been inaccessible, “no signal” is the message on the screen and since I do like to watch television while I am eating a meal, I have found some virtue in the very old (1950s) programming on channels 19 and 43. As a child I remember watching The Honeymooners and actually sat through a session of that last night and laughed as I expect my mother, sister and I did many years ago.

I have been grateful to find several of the Star Trek and Mash programs I seem to have missed in their hey day and even watched an old Twilight Zone with interest.

Before the re-run dilemma I enjoyed watching Bally Kiss Angel, Call the Midwife, and Doc Martin and the detectives Lewis and Hathaway. Doc Martin is probably my favorite and the story stays with me from week to week. Alas, it is the one consession the PBS stations have allowed us and the new season has begun.

On channel 19 I enjoy Elementary even though it is, as has been pointed out to me, hard to understand that particular Sherlock’s speaking as he talks fast and almost mumbles as he does so.

Rosemary & Thyme is also a pretty good whodunit with the crimes being discovered after the matter rather than subjecting the viewer to the graphic horrors of various murders.


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