Show no mercy

Heading toward one of my few favorite gas stations, at Brookpark and Broadview, I turned off of Rockside only to be hunted down with one of those flashing red lights of a policeman on my bumper. After asking for my license and proof of insurance, which I told him were in the trunk, he retrieved my handbag from the trunk, then informed me that the speed limit on Broadview from Rockside all the way downtown is 25 mph. I said, “Twenty-five on Brookpark?” He said,” This is not Brookpark, it is Broadview.”

I wondered how I never noticed a speed limit sign, then looked around at the incredibly cluttered street crammed with businesses and signs, vehicles coming from many directions and while it made sense to me, he did not care much about excuses. I did not open my mouth to defend myself, just took my punishment and fled to the gas station. No clemency was offered to this first time offender, this was my first ever speeding ticket. Instead I was informed that the fine would be $195.00 – so in order to get the incident behind me as quickly as possible, I wrote the check and mailed it in.

In the Zumba class I tried to let the sour taste in my mouth dissipate as I hydrated and moved around.  

Since then I have made a point of driving 25 mph, not a half mile over down that stretch of Broadview. I noticed that the speed limit on State Road is the same. Cars pass around me and I just stay calm. Oh well.


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