knee high by the fourth of july…

Rolling off of highway 71 onto 83 I could see that the corn was really knee high on the fourth of July near Wooster, Ohio. The family rumor mill informed me there would be a gathering of the Horvath Hobbits, life and care worn, battle scarred from years of survival in this dimension, while spirits toughened and true foodie appetites never diminished, once again we dribbled into town, by whatever means were at our disposals.

The car from Georgia was already parked in the Mang’s drive and I pulled mine into the end slot still open since I planned on spending the night and College of Wooster banned non-students from using the parking lot we formerly used on a regular basis.

My cousin Liz’s husband was saying, “We have ENOUGH food!” as the guests continued to arrive bearing pies, coffee cakes, relish trays, assorted chips, and such. Of course, once people have assembled, the eating does not wait for an announcement, it proceeds at once. There was a large bowl on the kitchen island, which I am assuming had been full of green beans buttered and seasoned, yum. Everyone passing the counter grabbed a bean or two as they walked by. When corn on the cob was cooked and the foil across the pan had been removed, I picked up an ear by the end nub and passing the island took the plate of butter, heading toward the table. My cousin Mary Beth, a full eighteen years my junior, but, having mothered, age has no restrictions on the habit of mothering, said to me as she glanced at my haul, “You’re not going to roll that across the top, are you?…we’re NOT at home!”

The aromas were overwhelming so it was no surprise that an uninvited guest might arrive and indeed slithered alongside the garage was a great terra cotta colored alligator, jaws agape for any hapless food that came its way. When someone asked Rich where it came from he said, “I just live here! I came home from work one day and there it was – one of the guys from Liz’s store dropped it off with his truck…” All Things Surplus is a discount store in Wooster, that Liz is manager for and so all of the best inventory crosses her inspection first and she ends up trading her paycheck for what she knows will enhance their home.


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