The Jersey Boys Film

When The Jersey Boys production ran at Playhouse Square in Cleveland, it was an enormous success. Even though these four very talented fellows were popular since I was a teenager, and I knew the names Four Seasons and Frankie Valli, I did not have any savvy about them. Last week I met Diane at Cinemark to see the movie version of The Jersey Boys. I thought it was excellent at many levels, including comedy, but what I came away with was a deep respect for Frankie Valli himself.

In this day when people simply walk away from mortgages they cannot honor, after losing a high paying job or people are busy suing each other over petty matters, or stealing to support addictions or any other number of behaviors that fail to reflect any personal integrity, here was a young man who took on the burden of a large debt chalked up by another member of the group, and paid it off, slowly but surely.

In time he was able to shake hands with that fellow musician – ah, now that is a big man.


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