Second Day of Summer

On this, the second day of summer, after sitting and absorbing the very greenness of the foliage on the tow path, I set off with my camera and some water, a sunhat on my head, to look more closely at a dense patch of purple flowered weeds. When I heard a young lady telling some people that Brandywine falls is the only waterfalls in the area, I had to put my two cents worth in and inform them about a few others all within reasonable driving range. A moment or two later I thought the girl speaking looked familiar and I asked, “Is this Wendy?” She laughed saying “I thought that was Rosemarie, I could tell by your walk!”

The visitors making the inquiry were in town from Indiana to buy a Kia which was more expensive to do in Indiana and they went on to a baseball game and wanted to see some water falls too before heading home. Wendy pointed out that Brandywine was in the direction they would be heading and Bedford Viaduct would be about five miles in the other direction, so of course I agreed with her. I did tell the visitors they must come back since there is much to see here.

I asked Wendy how the sky viewing went last night with the ufology group and she said it was awful – there was so much dew on them by eight p.m. the attendance sheets were all wet. They were cold and wet and saw several satellites and the space station, and one small light in the sky, but nothing eventful occurred.

I told her the color of her shirt, a coral red, was quite pretty on her, then she and her friend who had been bicycling down the towpath were off to lunch and to call it a day while I was off to take pictures.

Later in the afternoon I spent some time hunting through old pictures to find some photos I had taken of the Mill Creek falls, Bedford Viaduct falls and Bridal Veil Falls at Tinker’s Creek to post in a new album about local water falls.


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