Annual First Catholic Slovak Ladies Dinner

The polka music was booming across the dining room at Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine in Euclid, Ohio where the First Catholic Slovak Ladies Association was having its annual summer dinner. Last year they started having pulled pork sandwiches instead of pork chops as the main entrée accompanied by a generous scoop of mashed potatoes with gravy and a choice of green beans or corn, a tiny salad or scoop of apple sauce, a desert and drink. It is a nice and filling meal. This was my first time going alone since Aunt Elizabeth used to go with me and now she is gone.

The music was not as loud this year and there were fewer attendees, so instead of leaving directly after eating, I sat there to absorb a little of my cultural heritage. The couple next to me traveled in from west of Toledo and I laughed since I thought I drove a long way. We chatted until they left.

Last year I spotted a lady named Annie, whom I was acquainted with from the Shrine over at Incarnate Word, but it was too crowded and too noisy and I was not able to flag her down, so today I watched for her as the line of people entered the door, but she did not appear.

Last week Maryann invited me to come to Aunt Elizabeth’s apartment to look at a little table that has a small book shelf under the top to see if I wanted that. They cleaned most everything else out already so it was down to some odds and ends. I did take the table as well as some small chairs and the thing I took which probably will always remind me most of her and may be of use to me as well is her cane.



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