Let me count the ways

Could it really be that I’d put off opening book one of a trilogy by Terry Brooks for so long because I know that once I start reading I am lost to the rest of the world, almost completely? Quite so, and it took finally finishing a book about 2500 years of the history Buddhist women for me to give myself permission to fast forward into the realm of science fantasy where Mr. Brooks is a master story teller.

Part of my enchantment with Running with the Demon, A Knight of the Word, and Angel Fire East, is that the series is another variation of the epic battle of good versus evil. Along with C. S. Lewis’ trilogy Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra, ending with That Hideous Strength, and with the insights he poses in The Screwtape Letters, further clarification on how insidious evil manipulations work, by Kathleen Norris in her Acedia and Me, I am astounded by how easily human beings get bamboozled by the bad guys in the spirit world into making bad choices which just continue to endanger mankind in general.

In the time it normally takes me to read one book of about 300 or so pages, I tore through the first two books and am presently a third of the way through the last book.

My friend Diane and I selected a movie to see today simply by the virtue of the time it was set to start. It was a movie I would not have given a second glance at had she not suggested it. She is not interested in reading science fantasy or in any of the many science fiction trailers we have been subjected to, so I was a little surprised that she offered Maleficent as a candidate.  Not long after it began I settled into the story as definitely my kind of entertainment and was swept into the world of fairies and pixies and other fanciful creatures.


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