Word Lovers Retreat

The women who heard the call were all different from each other in most ways but one. Some were tall, some not, some were young, others had matured, like fine wine. Each one was compelled to tell a story and of course, each in a different way. Assorted four wheeled vehicles brought them each safely from her home, most from various parts of Ohio, with a few from neighboring Pennsylvania to the century plus house near the edge of Lake Erie where they would compare notes, listen to presentations, share experiences, and form ideas for their stories. They gathered around the hearth after a fine supper, pulled their flannel thinking caps closely over their heads, brows furrowed, and let thoughts mull slowly as characters emerged and plots thickened. A spider descended from the ceiling, oh weaver of webs, teller of tales come to flavor the brewing stories as evening grew dark and laughter grew soft and wine lulled the ladies toward their sleep to restore strength for another day along the road of writing …


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