A terrible price

Another mass murder ending in suicide of the young gunman, six dead and thirteen wounded. Like any break down, the crack begins and eventually spreads and there is a crumbling that leads to further damage.

We cannot back pedal into the 1950s when life was simpler and more stable, but we can examine some of the structures of life back then that we might emulate today if we are to heal society. I would like to see more participation in religious life – a guide for living one’s life and source of hope to keep doing one’s best day after day. Perhaps involvement in a church would also help one focus outward and less on one’s self.

Here was a young man angry that at 22 he had not been able to establish an intimate relationship with a woman. Instant gratification has a terrible price when individuals are driven to heinous deeds by their appetites. When there is no respect for self or others, because images one is exposed to daily are not the reality of most people, their expectations of life are unrealistic.

Nothing is gained by over generosity of parents showering material gifts on children – the youngsters may then believe that they are simply entitled to whatever they want. The car he drove was a BMW, one article said. In my lifetime that is not a car I expect to afford and he used it as a battering ram to mow people down to show his anger.

Perhaps as a society we could pare down the volume of graphic sex and violence that plays out in movies, television dramas, video games, magazines and musical options. Every human life is unique and will never be repeated – so each life snuffed out prematurely is a loss to the whole world, not just to the parent weeping in heartbreak for his loss.

I’ve lost count of how many times this tragic scene has played out since the first horrific event at Columbine High School. When do we get it? Have there not already been too many lives lost, when will we take a stand and make the changes that can make a difference? How many more young gunmen will become loose cannonballs expressing their anger and avenging society for what they feel was owed to them?


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