The great sea turtle swims again

The swimming pool in the old YWCA on West 130th was Olympic-sized and the water was always comfortable. I loved swimming there and kept a membership and swim tickets for several years. As often as not, no one else showed up and I was alone in the pool – though Rita, the lady at the front desk was always within shouting distance. I would plod along leisurely and often wrote in my family and friends news and views letters about myself as the great sea turtle dreamily crossing the length of the pool and back again and again.

Once I moved away from Parma I did not want to drive that far to swim, but was unable to find a place closer to home to swim on a regular basis, so the half dozen or so swim suits I got at Walmart’s after the fourth of July sales over a couple of summers, simply went unused for the most part. To my great dismay that YWCA closed altogether a few years later. Although I checked health clubs and even the local recreation center there was nothing that seemed to fit my requirements for frequent evening swims at a reasonable price.

Then I got introduced to Zumba at the Estabrook Rec Center and while they had a swimming pool, the dance craze captured my heart and I couldn’t tear loose even to swim since both options had the same time slot.

Last Thursday I felt I could no longer pursue the Zumba program at the Brooklyn Senior Center – I was not able to follow the lead of the teacher, darling person that she is, I couldn’t figure out when she was zigging or zagging and so after a number of months of feeling dissatisfied with my “workouts” there, I went back to Estabrook and spent some time chatting with the desk lady whom I had gotten acquainted with over the last four years, and she said there was not currently a Zumba program there on Thursdays. She then mentioned the water exercise class that was there on Thursdays.

Last year my doctor had recommended swimming for me, and I was again in a quandary about where to go. Perhaps now was the time to switch from Zumba to water exercise and so I did just that last night and after a tiny bit of anxiety found that it was wonderful. I will keep attending my Tuesday evening and Sunday afternoon Zumba sessions, but this water exercise class was exhilarating and the people were just as friendly and fun to be with. They only meet once a week, but it is a great start and I slept very soundly. Time for another look at those swim suits in the drawer.


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