Running on empty

If I was asked for advice to give to twenty through forty year olds, it would be, conserve your energy. I feel as if each of us is given a certain allotment of it, like some get blond hair and blue eyes, some folks get more energy and higher metabolism than others. If one is drained of the days’ worth of that juice, one must stop and re-charge. There is much more talk in health news about the importance of getting enough sleep, that time for recovery from stress and the daily barrage of events.

By the end of most days, I have all I can do to lift up the layers of blankets and fold into my bed, with a great sigh; all of my decades of aches settle in and throb. I turn and move my feet around and turn back facing the other way. Slowly the warmth of the blankets infuse their comfort into my being. Before drifting off there are a couple more shifts.

Why does it seem to take so long for pain killers to kick in? The night wears away as sleep pulls me into another world. After four or five hours of deep sleep it seems like the body’s medical team has done its job and the pains have eased away. I am warm and comfortable and look forward to my next dream adventure.


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