Angels and Ancestors

In the movie, Heaven is for Real, a four year old boy has a near death experience and goes to heaven for a visit. I found the movie very charming, touching and well done. It was based on a true story and it is also out in book form. I tried not to sob aloud during the more heart wrenching scenes.

Afterwards when I said I liked the movie, my friend, Diane only said that she did not believe a four year old boy would be that well-spoken. I thought, she did not know my son. My son spoke like that by the time he was two.

Today small children are much more advanced than they were in my generation, I suppose due to their exposure to our communications bombardment. My sister tells me that her granddaughter who will be four years old in a couple of weeks tested out at the age eight level. From what I have seen and heard of other youngsters, I believe this is not uncommon today.

In my son’s kindergarten, children were drawing pictures and telling the teacher what the story was and she wrote the story down. My son’s kindergarten teacher predicted that he would be a writer, since he had something to say about everything, and in fact, she was correct.

Only after several incidents in which the little boy in the movie talked about people and events he had no previous knowledge of did the people closest to him, family and neighbors, finally concede that just maybe he did experience heaven.


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