Under a banana leaf

Rain was coming down in torrents. At five a.m. I peeked between the blinds to see the wet street. For some reason the lawn man for the house across the street thought he should work his Wednesday customer and his mower chocked along from 8:30 a.m. until the machine would no longer cut the wet grass.

I am like a little jungle animal waiting under a great banana leaf for the storm to let up. The rain beats down and fills the air with humidity. When there is a brief break I make a run for the store to pick up a prescription and a few other things. The wind is blowing and the next set of rain drops begin just as I enter the canopy of the doorway of the store.

The sky darkens to this side of night and the wind sends sheets of rain in every direction. By the time I have completed my purchases the sky has lightened again and the rain has gentled as I transfer the plastic bags to the trunk of my car, return the cart to the bin and climbed into my little vehicle.

The garage door opens and envelopes me inside the dry warm car house, I offer a prayer of thanks for safe delivery. Before going into the house I take four more of the larger plant pots and disperse marigold seeds across the dirt and take them out the side door to the patio and arrange them among all the other pots I hauled out there from wintering in the garage earlier in the week.

After closing the door, I begin to transfer bags of groceries from the trunk of the car to inside the house there is a clap of thunder and the next downpour begins, once again I am so grateful to be safely home.


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