Greeting Card Holidays

About a hundred years ago Mother’s Day was established; then of course there would have to be a Father’s Day and eventually Grandparent’s Day, Sweetest Day even though there was already enough hoopla about Valentine’s Day. The greeting card companies thrived as well as restaurants and those stores selling candy and flowers.

Sending out cards to let people know they were on our minds for Easter, birthdays and Christmas was already in-grained in our routine lives. But now with postage at an all-time high, just under fifty cents per envelope, fewer cards are going to family and friends. Some people have stopped sending Christmas cards altogether. Personally, I gave up spending $3.00 + on a birthday card, before the postage and have joined the ranks of sending my best wishes to friends on Facebook.

There is so much fuss around these greeting card holidays that some folks, who have no one to celebrate with, or get attention from, slide into a bit of a funk.   Oh, it’s just another day, no reason to be disappointed, one might rationalize. Best to keep busy, or commiserate with others in the same circumstances. Uh huh. It all helps and eventually the day passes into a non-holiday routine and one can move on.


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