Yield means Yield

There are two lanes of traffic entering the West bound highway 480 from Transportation Boulevard, one coming from south and the other from the north. The Yield sign used to be facing the vehicles coming from the north, not that they were very attentive to the instruction. Often I had to duck out of the way as they aggressively pulled in front of me as if they either did not see the yield sign, or didn’t care that they did not have the right of way. After so many years of having the cars from the north ignoring the yield sign, the powers that be simply moved the sign to the lane of traffic coming from the south. I suppose that was easier and cheaper than putting a policeperson there to dispense tickets to the violators, although that would probably have increased the revenue from tickets, considerably.

I do not know if the majority of the drivers now facing the yield sign are less aggressive, or more obedient to signage, but in riding with Wendy recently, she pointed out that people simply do not know what yield means. They think it means, merge. Ohhhhhhh! That would certainly explain the behavior of the folks flying onto the highway from Transportation Boulevard.

I was astonished at the concept that such a basic word in our everyday language was a mystery to the average car-driving public. Some years ago I had heard that literacy in this country was 49% of the population, which is shameful for a country of this stature. Smaller, poorer countries were at 99%, what happened here?


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