Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON, is a national group of people interested in the phenomena of unidentified objects which have been sited around the world notably since the 1950s. The group has branches in each state and the people participating investigate each sighting reported to their group.

Each state branch of Mufon has a conference each year featuring well-known people in the field who give talks on their experiences or research. Last year I attended the Ohio conference for the first time and found it quite interesting, especially the work and talk by Richard Dolan.

This past month I rode to Erie, Pennsylvania with another member of The Cleveland Ufology Project, the world’s oldest continuously operating ufology investigation group. We elected to attend the Erie conference instead of the Ohio one because there were more speakers and the ticket price with lunch included was lower. The two hour drive was a simple straight line on a beautiful sunny, but chilly day to The Erie Bayfront Convention Center, right on the shore of Lake Erie.

This was my first experience hearing John Ventre, Director of Erie Mufon speak, mostly from his book, UFOs Over Pennsylvania; Richard Dolan, a former teacher and consummate professional speaker was captivating and did have new material from his talk last year at the Ohio conference. It was also my first time hearing the whole story of Travis Walton. He is soft spoken, but his story as a Pacific Northwest logger who had been abducted, was very compelling.


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