Family Party

A collage of faces ride

across my mind as I drive home

from a family birthday party.

My father’s youngest sister

turned 70 years of age today.

She is chagrined by her accumulation of years,

her daughter avoided saying the number,

calling it simply a milestone birthday.

Uncle Bob and Aunt Esther

came up from Georgia to help celebrate.

This is our first gathering since the winter holidays,

we are anxious to hear each others’ news,

to hug each other, take photographs of everyone, to

assure ourselves that the family is still in tact after

another hard Ohio winter.


2 thoughts on “

    • The poem should have been first since it happened a few years ago, but since it related to Sunday’s events, I added it in there. You probably remember that nice party Tom and Theresa had for their mom’s big 7 0 a few Mays ago.

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