Palm Sunday 2014

The wind was so strong, that I had to hold onto the wheel firmly, in order to stay in my lane on highway 71 on my way to Wooster yesterday. Other than the blustery wind, it was quite a beautiful day, warm – no jacket necessary, but I tossed one onto the back seat just in case I wanted it on going home. The sun was bright and so welcome after this long winter.

Uncle Bob advised me that he and Aunt Esther would be up from Georgia and did I want to come over on Palm Sunday? His youngest sister, Bernie would be coming as well. I couldn’t say yes fast enough especially since “disruptive snows” caused me to miss a number of family social events during the winter.

I stopped at Malleys to pick up a box of health food (dark chocolate covered marshmallows) and at the gas station at Broadview and Pleasant Valley en route to the highway.

Once I parked the car and entered the Mang household I found Aunt Ester standing with one of her cousins who drove her out here from Painesville. Liz was busy at the stove adding a large pan of home grown beets to cook. In a while Bernie arrived with her youngest granddaughter and brought in 2 shopping bags with smaller bags of potato and sauerkraut perogies that she purchased at one of the Byzantine churches out our way.

Aunt Esther’s painting of the old farm house and yard was now hanging in the front room and like everyone else, I too, have my stories about time spent there when we were all children. Aunt Esther said it took four years to complete and she realized that the painting represented so much more than the house. Everyone has stories about it.

We all crowded around the stove to be helpful and follow our noses to the scent of sautéing diced onions as the perogies splashed into the boiling water to prepare them for the last step of browning in the sautéed onions. The aromas in the kitchen would have bated any foodie. Carrots were cooked, a green salad tossed, the beets were sliced thickly and shining from butter, and a pot roast had simmered to perfection. A plate of baked potatoes completed the generous menu.

Uncle Bob and I went outside to have a look at the 2007 Cobalt I had recently purchased from my Aunt Elizabeth, who at 90 years of age, reluctantly gave up driving it.

Back indoors we formed a line and filled our plates with the bounty set before us and we enjoyed the delicious repast and caught up on family news and Uncle Bob and Rich Mang both found my blog and signed up as my followers.

Uncle Bob and Rich took pictures using their notebooks and my camera card got filled up, so I asked Uncle Bob to e-mail me the pictures he took after the meal.

Ray Feruski, Jr. arrived just as we were sitting back down to cheesecake, strawberries, homemade tapioca and good hot coffee. His purpose in coming was to go out to the store Liz is manager for and check out a couple of very large speakers he wanted to use to enhance his home theatre. He brought his own generator to test them. He did buy them.

Laura and Jerry Fryman popped in and we were soon doing hugs all around again. Bernie and Amanda headed home since Amanda had school the next day.

For me the evening wound down and as Uncle Bob, Rich, Ray and Jerry and Laura headed out to Paul’s brewery, I bade them good night.

It occurs to me that the home of my cousin Liz and her husband, Rich has come to replace my grandparents’ home in Parma as the central gathering place for the family.


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