A honkin’ big baloney and salami sandwich

Catholics did not eat meat on Fridays prior to Vatican II – now we can, but we probably do not get our quota of fish in for the week. However, in Lent we give up meat on Fridays again. We know this. It is the same every year.

This past Friday Theresa packed me a nice big sandwich and wrapped it in aluminum foil. I just grabbed it off the counter in the kitchen and put it into my bag and off we went to Austin Community College where I would attend two workshops in building 3000. We did not remember which building that was so she spotted someone with the Austin International Poetry Festival name tag and I got out of the car and crossed the lawn diagonally – ah he was in the doorway. When he opened the door and noticed my name tag said he thought we were in the wrong building. I said I was following him. As we headed back out of the building a third fellow appeared and called to us, we made the introductions around when I realized Theresa was calling out from the curb and offered to drive us all to the right building. Oh, yes, once there Theresa and I recognized the building from last year. We all thanked Theresa and she said she would collect me at 2:00 p.m. The three of us all headed for different workshops.

After Nancy Fierstine’s workshop with word games and magnetic words as prompts for writing inspirations, I went on to Cindy Huyser’s workshop on revising old poems.   No time for lunch.

Next stop, back to Kick Butt Coffee for a reading I’d be participating in. In the parking lot I pulled the sandwich out of the bag and Theresa said she’d like some of that sandwich – since it was like a sandwich with a third slice of bread over more slices of baloney and salami, she just removed the top layer of bread and lunchmeat.   We certainly enjoyed this tasty sandwich chomping hungrily while we talked about the evening menu. She said she was going to make salmon teriyaki or maybe she’d do that for her husband, as she did every Friday, and the rest of us could have pierógies. That sounded good too. In any case it had to be a meatless meal since we could not eat meat on Fridays in lent. That resolved we went into the coffee shop for my second reading, got a place to sit and I checked in with the host, who, for some reason did not have my name on his list, but said there was plenty of room, so he added me and referred to the group of poet’s bios where he found mine to read as an intro at my turn.

The readings all went well and afterwards we chatted with some of the other participants and headed back to Cedar Park. At some point the light finally went on and I almost fell over laughing saying to Theresa, what are we having for dinner tonight? Salmon. Why? Because we don’t eat meat on Fridays in lent. But, what was that honkin’ big sandwich we gobbled up so hungrily in the car?


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