Gesu Music Ministry

As the dead of winter cloaks us with bleak and dismal days, it is a joy to escape into the glowing warmth of the musical performances once a month, January through April each year at Church of the Gesu in University Heights, Ohio.

Ramona and I have met at these concerts for most of the last four or five years though I think we did not get to any of them last year. This season we missed the first one due to a snow storm, so it seemed like a short series when Dr. Joseph Metzinger, the director, began to talk about next year’s program.

We feel like we have watched Julia Russ, Pianist, grow up from the sweater and skirt girl to a professional lady in beautiful gowns and while she is still furthering her education at Cleveland Institute of Music, is now teaching at Kent State University as well as participating in Mass music at every opportunity.

The violinist, James Thompson was still in high school when we first heard him and he will be performing at Severance Hall next weekend.

Fine music lifts the soul and transports us from worldly worries at least for brief interludes.


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