Once a priest, always a priest?

A name I remembered very well from my childhood caught my attention as the news anchor spoke of a defrocked priest who left the priesthood due to sexual misconduct. Could it really be the elder brother of a classmate and his younger sister my best buddy in the neighborhood? I remember that he was studying for priesthood and that he was nice, but I never really talked with him.

It was odd that I think of him now and then by his family nickname and I wondered whatever became of him. In my wondering about which parish he might be serving, and after all the negative publicity the Catholic Church has had in the last decade or so over sexual abuse by priests I never considered that this childhood acquaintance might be one of them. The family was so good, what happened. I found a brief article and photo on the internet – the face looked right and so did the age. Oh my, how very tragic and how heartbreaking for his family, never mind the victims.


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