Salon des Refuses

In the middle eighteen hundreds in Paris, the grand academy of acceptance in art was the Beaux Arts, where if your work was accepted you were considered a successful artist and the road was going to look rosy.  Several now famous artists were snubbed by the Beaux Arts Academy.  In a combined show of protest they decided to have their own showing which they called the Salon des Refuses.

Some of the poets who did not get their work printed in the annual Austin International Poetry Festival anthology last year decided to have their own anthology, Rejected Anthology.  They are doing it again this year and Thom poet is organizing the positive energy of some of these writers, a number of which had been in the anthologies of previous years, to have a reading from midnight to dawn one day during this year’s festival. 

Other poets are simply switching their allegiance from AIPF (Austin International Poetry Festival) to a much bigger festival in Houston, which is also in April every year, and has a broader range of arts coverage.

I am in the company of several folks who did not get work accepted by the anthology for two years.  This after a nice run of four consecutive years being printed and one in a previous year.  I will be talking to some of the poets I’m acquainted with at the festival this April and others I’m face book friends with and see what the potential is for going to the Round Top festival in Houston next year and phasing out of the Austin festival.  Of course my cousin, Theresa who has been my host every year for my trip to Austin for all the years that I have participated, will have a major voice in my direction next year.


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