Church Key

I’m guessing that anyone under forty years of age would not likely know exactly what a church key is.  It is not a tool to unlock a house of worship.  It is a bottle opener – used for opening bottles of beer.  That was in the day before pop top cans became the norm, and beer was sold mostly in bottles.  I have a little black plastic covered church key on a key ring that was left behind by a boss I enjoyed working with back in Naperville, Illinois.  Over the years I’ve acquired another exact one, also on a key ring, but since it is a bright green, it is easier to see as I am fishing for keys in my purse.  This one has been for my car keys for a long time. 

As I have been preparing to make the shift from driving the 1999 Taurus I bought from my cousin Jim and his wife, Sandy four years ago to the 2007 Chevy Cobalt I just bought from my 90 year old Aunt, I am slowly moving the accumulation of snow brushes, jug of window washer, assorted pieces of paper with addresses on them, emergency kit, blanket for emergency use, the St. Christopher medal from my late friend, Barb, and cushions for extra height from one vehicle to the other.    

I’ve often chuckled when seeing someone who seemed so short they looked like they could barely see over the steering wheel – what is this, have I become one of them?

It seemed almost like a ceremony when I sat down yesterday and removed the Taurus key from the church key ring and replaced it with the Cobalt key.  Like this makes it official.  It was a little sad, since I always liked the Taurus, but I am gratified that with help from my cousin Maryann, the next owner was found and he sounded excited to have it when we talked on the phone.   We have the details to finish up on the transaction yet, hopefully next week, but it does look genuine and I will be greatly relieved when the little red car has moved on to its new home.


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