Human Hibernation

If it seems like I might have been living under a rock, it is probably as close to accurate to say that is probably true.  While February only has 28 days most years, it feels to me like the longest month.  Perhaps this is what human hibernation feels like and the real trick is not to succumb to cabin fever.   

There may be logic to this forced slow-down in the frenetic pace at which we are careening through the first part of the twenty-first century.  For me it has been almost welcome, though I was not happy that I missed a number of family events and other social engagements. 

Low energy, quiet time, darkness, cold, thankfully I stocked the larder in the autumn so I have been able to prepare meals and made a number of between storm dashes to the store to get fruit and other perishables.  Hunkering down, reading, writing blog entries, talking with friends on the phone and checking social media to see how other folks are doing all helps.  Like sleeping, we probably do need this time to restore energy, rebuild conversation material, and think more deeply than fast paced routine allows us to do.  


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