Medical Doctor and much More

Deepak Chopra is a medical doctor and author and much more.  I remember going with my cousin Theresa to hear him speak at E. J. Thomas Hall in Akron many years ago.  The details of his talk are somewhere in the packed away past memories of my mind, but I do recall that he spoke of connectedness and how everyone in the auditorium was sharing a bit of themselves with each other just by being in the room together and that we would each go away different than when we came.

I have seen him on television a couple of times and one of those times he held up a white poster board box that someone there made into the shape of a TV dinner and with a black marker drew a cloud like lump of mashed potatoes, a chunk of “meat” and a little pile of some nondescript veggies.  As he held the package up he instructed the viewers, “….do NOT put this into your bodies!!” Prior to that line he gave reasons not to eat such processed “foods” and to this day, tempted as I have been to buy what honestly appeals to me in those boxes, as I am leaning into the frozen foods compartment, hand held over stacks of boxes, I am even almost tasting the crispy chicken or gravy smothered meat patty, and I see Deepak Chopra, with the makeshift TV dinner box and his words stop me in my tracks, “…DO NOT PUT THIS INTO YOUR BODIES!”  I snap back to reality and move on to get out of the gravitational reach of those quick meals.  Whew.  That was close.  

Another time, he was on the Dr. Oz show and said we should eat one hard-boiled egg every day.  I have tried to keep that up, but don’t always succeed.

The back jacket of his book, Re-inventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul, says he has written fifty books.  I’ve read about three of them.  One I loaned to a friend a few years back, and haven’t seen since.  

He combines elements of Eastern and Western philosophy and medical knowledge to make an impact on health.  More than one of the ideas he expresses in this book has struck a chord with me and as usual when I’m mining my way through such a book, I underline things I’d like to remember with an orange marker, so when I pull the book back out of the shelf to find what impressed me so, or to refresh my memory on his perspective, I can find it without having to re-read the whole book.



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