How close are we to the next ice age?

A geology professor I studied under at Foothill Junior College in Los Altos Hills, California, many years ago, said that artificially warming the planet would cause more rain which would cause more snow which would trigger the next ice age. 

There are some who say we do not really have global warming, it is just cyclical, and that the earth goes through warm and cold periods.   I am not a scientist, but when I hear that the glaciers are melting and Polar Bears are dying because they cannot swim the ever longer distances between ice floes and that, according to some documentary evidence on the PBS programming, the Antarctic ice shelves are melting, I am leaning toward the global warming theory, regardless if it is caused by cyclical events or the excess heat we humans are emitting.

The increase of intensity of storms, like Hurricane Sandy and typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, should be warning enough that we cannot be apathetic about world climate. 

I don’t imagine it would be a lot of fun to be caught in an ice age.  For some time I entertained the illusion that such an event, should it be in our future, would take a long time to evolve and I would be off in another dimension far from the cataclysm.  However, one of the PBS documentaries cleared up that illusion stating that an ice age could hit us quite quickly.   

Would our housing hold up?  What would we eat?  No mastodons or other gigantic game exist on this continent for anyone adventuresome enough to try to feed the neighborhood.  There are the over populations of deer, and enough hunters to take them out to feed their families.  Even the once bountiful brown rabbits seem to have dwindled considerably since the coyote populations seem to be on the rise.

Isaac Asimov, the late science fiction writer, in his Foundation Series, wrote about civilization being protected from the weather by living under a dome from which no one ventured out into the real weather.

What would we do, high tech society of the twenty-first century?


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