Sochi, Russia 2014

After seeing the opening ceremony for the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, I understand a little better why Mr. Putin was so interested in hosting the games there.  The opening ceremony was quite lovely and it really did encompass the one thousand years of Russian history beautifully.  I especially liked the ballet dances of the ball from Tolstoy’s War and Peace and Swan Lake.  The little girl, Elizbeta, was also quite charming as she walked through the skies and across the whale of dancers.

I had never heard of Sochi before, now it is definitely on the map and I expect that people who are looking for new places for skiing and world travel will give it serious consideration.

Politics do not normally interest me, but looking at the figure of Mr. Putin in the arena last night, I am thinking he has done a good thing for Russia and is determined to carry his country forward to new heights.


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