Queen of Corn

With a sigh and a roll of the eyes, I said to my mother, “Oh Mom!  That was SO corny!”  While I do not recall any of her exact words, I do recall my mom chuckling at her own cleverness as she spewed out the humorous lines.  Perhaps today I would be more amused at them, especially since my own words echoed back at me when I heard my stabs at humor being received by my children with disdain, at best.

When my daughter was ten or eleven and was putting a hot dog on a paper plate into the microwave oven, she slipped almost dropping the food.  I said, “Mika, be careful!  You almost had a flying sausage!”  Today I am still greatly amused by that but her response was “What’s funny about that?”  When I tried to explain, she turned her back and was out of the kitchen.  I tried to get a giggle out of my son later recounting the scenario to him, but he also gave me a bland look.

It is just a matter of time I guess, before they arrive, as I did, to that point in life when they can look back at their mom’s cornpone and realize that, after all it is probably in the genes and they got it too.


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