Let me off at Nirvana, please.

Hypnosis never had any appeal to me, as it seemed like giving up the driver’s seat in one’s car to an unknown person, who may have the right licenses printed and hung on an office wall, but where was this hypnotist driving one?  While I have listened to stories of past life regressions, I never quite bought the farm and put no stock into the possibility of re-incarnation in the sense of the wheel of life going around and around until you got it right and finally got to Nirvana. 

The thought that occurs to me is that if human life was getting recycled with every birth and death that would tell me there are a finite number of souls going round and round.  With the current world population in the seven billion realm, I simply cannot fathom re-living to that high a number.  Perhaps I’m just not getting it.  Personally, I would not welcome the opportunity to start again at the beginning and struggle through teen age years, and all that follows.  

There are odd things that cause me to wonder if there is some possibility to that cycle.  I find I am quite interested in Celtic and Native American cultures and my reading and television documentary watching includes both cultures.  Since I am of Slovak heritage on both mother and father’s sides, there is no reason I should be so attracted to those groups.   I also feel invested in Japanese culture, but that is understandable since I married into it.

Not often, but once in a while I meet someone with whom there is such an intense friendship, I feel like I have known him or her for a very long time, when it is not so at all.  I have heard that in each lifetime the circle of family and friends includes the same people from one life time to another.  The relationships may differ, but it is the same group of people.  This might be a comfort, but what if one or more of the original group got the lessons right and got to Nirvana early on and did not have to keep recycling?  So I go on unconvinced, but pondering.


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