Mystery Calls

My telephone is in the kitchen.  It is a landline.  There is an answering machine connected to it.  After four rings the answering machine kicks on and a male voice – no one I know – he came with the machine, and I do not have to feed him, he makes no other noise but to ask for a message from anyone who calls when I cannot get to the phone.  That works for me, so I leave that automated voice message there. 

For several months some loan company was calling here because someone gave out my phone number as hers.  I have had the same phone number for thirteen years, so if this number was EVER her’s, that was a long time ago, probably long before she took out a loan she couldn’t or wouldn’t pay back.  However, the loan company left no messages but called about twice a day every day, including weekends.  Then they started leaving a message once or twice a week.  I finally called them and advised them they got the wrong number and were harassing the wrong household.  For a few days the calls stopped and then started again and with rather worn patience I said, “YOU HAVE THE WRONG NUMBER!!!” which finally seemed to do the trick.

Most people I really know will leave a message, or start talking until I can get to the phone.  However, there continues to be those who, even in this high tech age, call and leave no message.  I am pretty good about returning calls, so if anyone really wants to talk to me they can leave a message. 

One of my long-time friends, from high school told me that she had tried many times to reach me unsuccessfully – so that accounts for one person, but who the other mystery callers may be is anybody’s guess.  She had a number of suggestions about getting additional phones and other equipment, but my current response to folks who think I need to spend lots of money on things I probably do not need and do not have overflowing funds for is, “When I get my mansion…”


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