Kukla, Fran, and Ollie

This was the name of a puppet show I remember watching on television, black and white of course, when I was a young child.  I couldn’t have been very young as we did not own a television until I was around eight and then we got it because my father was interested in the repair business of both radio and television. 

Kukla was a simple hand puppet with a round head and a round nose, which I assumed was red since it looked like a circus clown red nose.  Fran was an attractive young lady who talked with the puppets.  Wikipedia has more information as well as photos of the troupe.  Ollie was a one toothed critter – perhaps of the Lizard family. 

The one scenario that has not faded for me over the decades was the one in which Kukla appeared with a small square cloth over his nose one day and announced that it was a nose muff to keep his nose warm during the cold winters.  Perhaps this idea of a nose muff never completely went away from me because I always thought it was a great idea and wondered why no one ever marketed one in the knit caps, gloves and scarves industry.  Even this week, with my feather blanket up to my chin, and knit cap over my head, my nose was cold and once again, I drifted off dreaming of a nose muff.


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