Foodies at work

When I got to the office yesterday I learned that the computer I work on was down with a virus.  I spent some time sifting through the folder with the work that had accumulated for me and decided that I would prepare it so it will be faster to work with when the computer is feeling better. 

Meanwhile the young lady I report to had come to sit at that computer while she had tech support on the phone.  Coming through to the desk she cut right in front of Toby who had just asked me what I had for dinner at the fancy restaurant our group had gone to the weekend before.  As she sailed between us he said, “…do you mind?  We are having a discussion here!  About FOOD!” 

Laughing prevailed as I moved out to the hallway to continue the discussion while the real work could proceed in the small office without overtones of gourmet meals distracting anyone.


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